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Official preliminary to the Miss Belleza Latina International™

The Belleza Latina Family

Ms. Belleza Latina International , Inc. was founded in 2000 by President & CEO, Maria Torres and is based in Troy, MI. Belleza Latina was founded to create Hispanic role models on a local and national level. 

What makes our pageant system unique? We have opened up our system to single mothers, however not all our contestant are single mothers. Back in 2000, there weren’t many pageants that allow single mothers to compete – it practically didn’t exist until Belleza Latina came along. The role of family is very important within the Hispanic community, and many of those families start out with a single female heading the household. While we certainly are not proposing that young Latina women have children outside of marriage, we recognize this is prevalent in our culture and we want to offer the rewarding and uplifting experience that comes with participating in beauty pageants to these women.  We want to give them the opportunity to reach for their goals and aspire to continue success. In addition to more traditional pageant awards, such as Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Congeniality, we offer the "Single Mother’s Award" (at the national level). This is given to the single mom contestant that wins the essay contest describing her experiences as a single mom, and what her goals are to provide a better future for herself and her family.

MISS TEXAS BELLEZA LATINA is an organization that  focuses on empowering Latina women, it embraces our cultural background, and works to enhance, recognize, and honor it. Our goal is to create role models in our communities, inspire the desire for personal achievement and growth, encourage higher education, strong family values, and cultural pride.


It brings me great pleasure to be the Director for the 3rd consecutive year. After being crowned Miss Texas Belleza Latina 2012, then shortly thereafter Miss Belleza Latina 2013, I was appointed position of Director by Belleza Latina International CEO, Maria Torres after my reign.

My goal is for other Latinas in Texas to experience this pageant system for themselves. It is a journey of self-fulfillment, countless volunteer hours, noteworthy experiences, as well as the opportunity to embrace our culture. I want every single one of our contestants to enjoy the experience of competing and take with them the confidence to go out into the world and realize their dreams and goals no matter what obstacles they encounter throughout their journey.

Our culture’s emphasis is about creating a family, but a Latina’s goals and dreams do not have to end there. Belleza Latina therefore includes the mother and/or the wife as well. The Latina that does it all for the betterment of her family, while continuing to fulfill her goals. Belleza Latina helps guide and empower women to become leaders in their communities. “Si se Puede!”

Jessica Thomas

Texas Belleza Latina Director