Texas Belleza Latina



Official preliminary to the Miss Belleza Latina Internationalâ„¢

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a height or weight requirement?

No, there is no height or weight requirement to compete for Teen, Miss, or Ms Texas Belleza Latina.

How much is the entry Fee?

The full entry fee is $550. Contestant can make small payment toward their entry fee until it is paid in full on or before the payment deadline. Review the requirements page for more details. There are no refunds or credit for the entry fee or deposit. In order to reserve your title you must pay half of your entry fee ($275).

Can I be married and compete?

It depends on your competing category. Teens (14-18) can not be married, engaged, or have children. Miss (19-27) can be married, engaged, widowed, divorced, and/or have children, & Ms (28+) can be married, engaged, widowed, divorced, and/or have children.

Do I have to collected the most money to win the pageant?

No, all contestants pay the same entry fee and number of tickets, votes, etc. does not determine the winner. Contestants are judge individually in Interview, evening gown, and fashion wear. There is an award for the people choice in which contestants family and friends vote and donate $1. The contestants with the most votes win the People's Choice Award, but winning this award does NOT determine the winners.

What do I win if I get crowned Teen, Miss, or Ms Texas Belleza Latina?

Winners of the Miss Texas Belleza Latina win paid entry fee to the National Miss Belleza Latina International, a scholarship, and a number of prizes (listed in the Price Package tab). **Prizes & Scholarship subject to fulfillment of sponsors and depend on the number of contestants participating. There must be at least 12 contestants per division in order for the entry fee to national to be paid. If there are less, the winner must pay her national entry fee. Please review the requirements page for more details.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at: texasbellezalatina@yahoo.com or texasbellezalatina@gmail.com